-> Android: Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader APK Classic Download for Free

If, for any reasons, you don't like the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Android you can download its last sane version from this page.

Fetch it here, Adobe Reader_11.7.2.apk (8MB). Please, do not link directly:
Download via Google

MD5SUM: 223034d9ed5e2e4b88d9bb3da7ac7815
SHA256SUM: 0299b90c47271152ccf0572afa7480a0b089e7b35baca3e4c840d625ec905129

Please, verify checksums after downloading! This is the default unmodified Adobe Reader PDF app.

Make sure you have disabled automatic updates for your apps in Google Play.

If you want to thank the author, please, consider the ad at the top of the page. Thank you!

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