-> Why do Apple iPhones and iPads suck and why they are mostly useless as productive devices


I'm not an Apple hater or Android/Microsoft/Blackberry fan. I'm just an IT specialist with a considerable experience. That's why what you are about to read will be a purely technical list of inherent currently unsolvable Apple devices limitations and shortcomings.

Here I won't touch iOS broken brain damaged flat user interface made in 80s for 8bit displays.

So without further ado let's begin.

Software limitations:

  • iOS severly limits the communication between installed applications. Also iOS doesn't have a shared storage space for different applications (aside from images):
    • Whereas in Android you can easily download any files (including webpages themselves) from the web to your device and later open them in an application of your choice, in iOS you can only "download" the files which have their own handlers (i.e. applications which can open/handle such files). You cannot download random files to later open them in newly installed applications.
    • You cannot just upload your favourite files from your computer to your iOS device unless you already have appropirate applications for such files.
    • While exchanging files between installed apps your free space decreases with the number of times you've exchanged this or that file since there's no shared storage. In Android you can open the same file any number of times from /sdcard.
    • Even though you can share files between installed apps, those files have to be physically copied to be opened, thus this operation can be very time consuming.
    • This is all amazing, right?
  • iOS doesn't allow any customization of its primary (home) screens where you have your applications icons.
    • Forget about adding widgets to the home screen.
    • Forget about customizing the lock screen.
    • Forget about applications as wallpapers.
  • You cannot install applications from anywhere other than from Apple's App Store. Yeah, it means "security" but if Apple goes down (and it will eventually), your device will be as useful as an old telephone.
  • You cannot backup the applications which do not use Apple iCloud.
  • iOS doesn't allow you to see raw data about Wi-Fi/Cellular signal power, nor 3d party applications can access it.
  • iOS doesn't allow to set/change a default applications for certain actions/activities.

Hardware limitations:

  • You cannot plug in your Apple device and access its files in Windows Explorer.
  • There's no expandable storage support (considering iOS limitations it would be totally useless though).
  • Proprietary charger.

Yeah, iOS is an amazing productive OS. Way to go!

And if you simply need a cool device to show off, then apparently, Apple devices are for you.

P.S. Answering those vehement fanboys in the comments section: I can buy 20 iPhones 6 128GB plus off contract right away - I'm not broke or poor. Secondly, a friend of mine asks me to come to her every fucking time she needs to upload new audios and videos to her iPhone. How about that? A savvy woman with an IT education cannot master your wonderful easy to use device and that slow stinking ugly counterintuitive POS called iTunes.

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