Linux Myths Series: Linux community is welcoming

You might have heard that the Linux community is a wonderful friendly group of people whose main goal is advancing Linux/Open Source. This cannot be further from the truth.

If you ever wondered why Linux and other Open Source projects are severely understaffed and why many people prefer to steer clear of anything related to the movement, it’s the community behind it.

For some reasons it attracts the most marginal people out there, I wouldn’t call them psychopaths or sociopaths, but a large portion of them certainly enjoy a touch of elitism and marginalism. Despite many open source projects enforcing codes of conducts to deal with the issue it has always run rampant. There are many very ugly displays of it:

  • The open source community hardly ever accepts the blame. Whatever is troubling a particular open project it’s almost always external forces or enemies. The prime example for the past decade has been NVIDIA which, despite offering top-notch closed source graphics drivers and doing an excellent job of maintaining them despite STABLE API NONSENSE nonsense receives a ton of totally unjustified flak. Tons of people blame them for stifling the progress of Wayland adoption only the primary reason behind Wayland troubles is its own developers insistance on their own ways. Whoever dares to talk about this issue, be it r/Linux, Phoronix forums or any other place, risks being ostrasized, ridiculed, and downvoted to hell.
  • The open source community flourishes on hating everything that’s not open source be it Microsoft, NVIDIA, Oracle, or even Google who has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Open Source projects. All the mentioned companies have made major contributions to Open Source.
  • Absolute most open source lovers have never read a single line of source code yet they believe that by running Open Source applications they are automatically safer and secure and can enjoy more privacy. All these imaginary advantages are either completely wrong or happen by chance. For instance, yes, Linux doesn't have malware but it's not because Linux is "inherently secure" it's because there aren't enough Linux users, Linux users are strictly and severely limited in what they can install vs. literally millions of download-run-and-install applications for Windows.
  • Open Source aficionados love to spread lies and myths about closed source projects including: spying and tracking in major closed source programs and operating systems, not limited to Windows, Google Chrome, etc. etc. etc. When you ask them to prove the presence of spying, they show nothing.
  • Despite a severe lack of manpower, there’s so much ego, there are constantly forks on top of forks which ultimately means that the involved projects don’t have enough people to fix all the bugs or implement sought-after features.
  • There's a huge sense of selt-entitlement: for some reasons lots of people who have chosen Linux and open source believe the world literally owes them because of their choice. There's a never ending torrent of demands: "Why doesn't this or that project implement these features or fixes bugs?" Theres's nothing like that among the users of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, HaikuOS and dozens of other open source operating systems whose users are extremely modest in comparison. When you tell that "donations are welcome" what you get in return is complete silence.

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