-> Predestination 2014 OST (Original Sound Track/Score/Music) Free Download

The film Predestination (2014) features an amazing soundtrack however the studio decided not to release it.

You can download the music from the film here, free of charge. Please, do not link directly:

Predestination 2014 Missing OST.rar (50.MB):

I spent six hours preparing this soundtrack for you.
Please consider the ad at the top of the page.
Thank you.
You will see the download links in

To get the FLAC release, there has to be a donation of thirty US dollars (in BTC). Here's a proof.

The MP3 release (LAME 3.100, 320Kbps, preset: extreme) will cost you ten dollars.

Redistribution or sharing of both releases is strictly prohibited.

Email me at 'artem at usa • com' and you'll receive the instructions.

Don't think I'm greedy or anything but this soundtrack has been downloaded thousands of times and I've received just a few thanks.


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